Adam Smith
“Consumption is the only goal and the only reason of existence of all production.” Adam Smith

1. Austerity is good for you!

The economy has to go through a drastic cure of austerity, to ensure that it will not collapse. Everyone must contribute their fair share. In Germany, half of the unemployed people accepted small, hyperflexible jobs with a very low salary. The extreme living conditions that leads to stimulate creativity and boost the economy!

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2. Export the elderly and handicapped people to low-wage countries!

People, goods, services and capital can circulate freely within Europe. That fantastic opportunity could be exploited much better!

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3. Paying taxes is for poor people

Avoiding taxes through a fiscal paradise is the only way for a company to escape from a rotten system. Fiscal optimalisation provides proof of entrepreneurship and is something every company should be proud of.

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4. Consumption makes you happy 

It is not a secret: for more employment, economic growth and general well-being, the economy has to be stimulated by more consumption. If the products we buy become obsolete faster, it wil only benefit the economy!

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5. Greece must pay

Certain countries are having trouble to pay off their debts and need to be helped by the European Union. It is essential that those aids are to be repaid, whatever the social and humanitarian consequences may be. Because there can be no healthy society without a healthy economy!

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6. There are still public services to be privatised

Everything that has been privatised, functions better. Therefore, we must privatise all services that are available for privatisation. Enjoy efficiency, lower prices and a healthy economy.

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7. Waste as much energy as you want!

Renewable energy sources will never be able to cover our growing need for energy. Shale gas on the other hand constitutes a very interesting alternative to keep up with our demand. A promising business, and its ecological consequences are not as bad as some would want us to believe.

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8. Start a business with our politicians 

In Brussels, more than 20 000 lobbyists try to influence European politicians every day. All of that happens in one single city, a true playground for business men!

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